With recent advances in technology, marine solar power is now a cost effective and efficient energy option to help prolong the life of batteries, essential to keep vessel systems operating. Whether on a swing mooring, in a marina berth or out cruising, the sun's rays can easily be used to ensure your vessel's batteries are receiving a regular charge. Specialising in marine solar power Australian Yacht Management can design and install an effective solar charging system on any vessel. We also provide training and advice so you can operate and monitor your system with confidence.There are three basic aims for a solar system - battery maintenance, supplementary charging and dedicated systems. please change this to “There are three basic aims to a marine solar system:

  1. Battery maintenance:Batteries are expensive and degrade quickly if they are not maintained properly. A solar charging system is an investment that will return prolonged battery life and peace of mind that essential vessel components will continue to operate. Without effective battery charge your automatic bilge pumps could continue to draw power and leave your vessel in serious trouble.

  2. Supplementary charging: Topping up the batteries while sailing generally requires running the engine or generator. Not only does this impact on fuel consumption but engines are noisy and destroy the peace and quite of boating. An effective, well installed solar system can keep your batteries in great shape, leave your fuel for maneuvering and allow you to listen to the wind and not the engine.

  3. Dedicated systems: Solar systems can be used to provide power (via a battery) for a specific system such as a refrigerator, laptop computer, inverter or desalinator. Our solar specialists will work with you to determine a suitable solar array for your desired components. Imagine arriving to your vessel on a mooring with the fridge cold and ready to use, or peace of mind from a security system that is powered by the sun.



Solbianflex panels are designed for the harsh marine environment and are the ultimate in lightweight, flexible, monocrystalline solar. The panels are constructed with highly efficient solar cells supported in a unique polymer that allows for flexibility and significant weight reduction. These panels have no aluminium or steel backing like other flexible panels, which means they are extremely lightweight. At just 1.5mm thick and around 1.5kg, they are the thinnest and lightest panels available in the world.

The panels are strong, reliable and tough enough to be glued directly to the deck. Walk over their surface and they're not damaged. With a "non glass" construction, they are flexible and will bend to match the contours of your deck. Recent advances in technology means that the 100 watt panel measures only 1110mm x 540mm and weighs less than 1.5kg. This is about 1/8 of the weight of their traditional glass counterparts. This light weight and no backing allows the panels to be sewn into your bimini top or shade structure with a zipper for a removable option and to make use of otherwise vacant space.

There are two types of panels available. The Sun Power (SP) range are the most efficient commercially available solar cells worldwide. This range uses standard monocrystalline cells with an efficiency exceeding 22.5% and is available in 50 or 100 watt options. These panels are used where maximum output is required for a given space ie: the SP50 is the same physical size as the SL40, but provides 25% greater power. The same is the case with the SP100 and SL80.

The Solar Light (SL) range uses standard monocrystalline cells with an efficiency of 17%. This range is available in a choice of 40, 80 and 125 watts. Both the 40 and 80 watt panels can be supplied with or without a junction box to suit the installation and the 40 watt has two shape options. The 125 watt panel must be used with a junction box. Custom shaped panels are also available, the only limitation is that the required number of cells are within the overall structure. Please contact us for pricing on custom shapes.

Manufactured in Italy, Solbianflex panels are CE certified which means that if installed and maintained correctly, the cells are certified to output 90% of power after 10 years and 80% after 20 years. These panels are ideal for use on vessels where weight and space need to be carefully monitored.

All solar panels come with a choice of electrical connectivity options. Choose from a waterproof junction box connection or if you prefer to adhere them to the deck and have nothing protruding for feet to get caught on, then use our unique soldering ribbon connection. All panels have the attachment option of a very high bond adhesive, zipper or stainless steel eyelets.

Panel Connections  
soalr ribbon
Junction Box Soldering Ribbon

Panel Attachment    
vbh vbh vbh
VHB Adhesive Stainless Steel Eyelets Zipper



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