LED Lighting

Conserve fuel, minimise noise and save money with LED lighting. The investment into LED is quickly returned with massive reductions in your boat's power consumption. Reduce the time needed to recharge batteries and don't be concerned with lights left on at night. With LEDs, the power used for lighting becomes insignificant.

Our range of LED lighting solutions could save as much as 90% of your power consumption. Available in 12 or 24 volt, we can replace existing lighting with LEDs in almost every situation. With such reduced power consumption, you lower the need to run engines or gensets to recharge batteries. Combined with a solar power system, LEDs provide a real alternative for effective marine lighting without the need for running engines at all!

Recent advances in LED technology has resulted in some amazing lighting options that have not been available in the past. LEDs are now available that can change colour without the need for separate globes or complex switching. Imagine the convenience of combining white lights with red courtesy lights throughout your vessel.



Other LED products

WRM-15 The wireless solar DockLite is easy to install. Its durable, weatherproof and low-profile construction makes it an attractive and functional addition to marinas, walkways, decks and landings. DockLites are ideal for illuminating trouble spots on pathways or transition areas such as from wharf to shore. With long life batteries and solar charging, the DockLite will last until sunrise and turn on automatically at sunset.
Pro DockLite  
SunSaver Duo The Pro DockLite is an alternative heavy duty low profile light for wharves, jetties and walkways. The Pro DockLite has a rechargeable large capacity battery that will provide up to 10 hours of light. With an automatic switch on at sunset and off at sunrise, your jetty will always be visible. Ensure safety and enhance the security of your jetty or wharf with the Pro DockLite.
SunSaver Duo With great solar charging performance, the PostLite has a unique fitting allowing it to be attached securely to a wide range of post sizes. With a simple switch, change the colours on your wharf, or provide a simple and attractive white light to paths, gardens, driveways, walkways and jetties. This solar powered light has a 360º, lenticular, light diffusing lens to maximise light output
Solar Piling Light  
SunSaver Duo With a bright white LED and all round visibility, the Solar Piling Light is ideal for post tops on marinas, wharves, jetties, slipway entries, driveways and paths. The Piling Light is designed to fix to the top of timber piles of 200mm diameter and up. With no wires and a simple installation, the light will turn on automatically at sunset, ensuring light and safety when you need it.
Solar Dock Cleat  
SunSaver Duo The Solar Dock Cleat is a new and sensible approach to mooring your vessel. Arrive to the wharf after dark to find your cleats glowing to show their location. No more tripping over the dark cleat at night - the powerful solar light enhances safety on any wharf. With a cast alloy chassis and a wide base there is plenty of mooring strength. 5 superbright (18000 milli candella) LED lights and replaceable/rechargable Ni-MH batteries ensures light all night with visibility up to 100m.
Solar Post Light  
SunSaver Duo The Solar Sentinel is a solar station which is not only attractive but also adds value and function to your jetty or wharf. Each Solar Sentinel incorporates stylish, durable solar lighting on an attractive, broad-based, tapered pillar to illuminate the water's edge. The Solar Sentinel also has the capability of acting as a Life Ring station. The optional stainless steel "J" hook can securely hold a Life Ring and ensure it is visible at any time of day or night. Includes solar light, tapered pillar and re-chargeable batteries.
Solar Sentinel  
SunSaver Duo Not only attractive but also adds value and function to your dock or deck areas. Incorporating a solar powered light in an attractive colonial housing, with no need for wiring or external power. The Cap Light fits neatly onto any 100mm X 100mm pilon and has powerful 360º illumination. Rechargeable batteries included.



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