After choosing the best marine solar panel available, the charge controller is the next most important decision. The charge controller regulates the battery charge, protects from over-charging and prevents reverse current flow at night. Combined with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), your charge controller is able to prolong the life of your battery by providing an efficient charging regime.

MPPT is a significant step in controlling the output of a solar panel. With changes in irradiance (amount of sunlight) and temperature, a solar panel will produce different amounts of power (amps) at a particular voltage. By analyzing the panel output and combining this with the voltage of the battery, it is possible to calculate the best power output for maximum charge. As light conditions change constantly throughout the day, ideal charging conditions will also change. Monitoring and determining the best power output is referred to as maximum power point tracking (MPPT). A controller with MPPT technology is able to increase charge efficiency by 10 to 40% over standard regulators. We supply and strongly recommend the use of these controllers rather than conventional PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) regulators.

SGB-8 The Solbian regulator by Genasun is specially designed to manage all Solbianflex panels. Ths regulator utilises MPPT technology to maximise the charging efficiency. Lightweight and compact, the Solbian regulator has an LED indictor light providing information on the status of power generation. Suitable for solar arrays of 12 volt and up to 100 watts.
WRM-15 The WRM-15 charge controller is a complete solution for solar power systems up to 15 amps. The controller uses MPPT technology to maximise the charge to your battery as light conditions change throughout the day. The LED display contains all the information you require to monitor the performance of your solar system. The WRM-15 is perfectly suited to flooded, sealed and gel batteries and detects battery voltage automatically.



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